Traffic management

We provide a dedicated traffic management service that ensures any surrounding traffic is handled safely, professionally, and responsibly during a project. Our team contains certified traffic management professionals who can manage these arrangements on your behalf, making sure that suitable measures such as temporary traffic lights, signs, and cones are in place whilst the road surface is being worked on.

Quality products and installation

We’ve invested in our team, ensuring that we have fully certified traffic management professionals on board who understand how to deliver this service professionally and in line with the latest regulations. Our team members have the skills, knowledge, and experience to make sure that your project runs safely from start to finish.

Delivering exceptional results

Convenient nationwide coverage

We can manage traffic on projects throughout the UK, either as part of work we’re carrying out or as a standalone service. When working outside of London and the South East, we can establish a temporary base of operations to ensure that we have all the equipment and resources close to hand that we need to conduct ourselves safely.

Arrange a

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Industry leading expertise

Our team has successfully managed traffic during projects of all types and sizes throughout the UK. We understand the critical importance of road safety and our certified team members will work closely with local authorities and other parties to ensure that surrounding traffic is safely managed according to your project’s requirements. Drawing on our extensive experience in this area, we ensure that any disruption is minimised for road users whilst work on the road surface is ongoing.

Working closely with clients

We’ll advise you on the right approach for your project. We have certified traffic management professionals within our team who will prepare and manage suitable road safety measures for your project in line with its requirements.

We’ll take the time to thoroughly understand your requirements. By conducting a site visit beforehand, our team will ensure that their advice is accurate, effective, and suited to your surroundings.

We’ll make sure that your project runs smoothly. Our team takes full advantage of their extensive project management experience, liaising with all the parties involved to ensure that everyone is kept up to date with any developments during the project.

What sets Glendining Highways apart?

We’re known for our expertise, quality results, and reliable team members. Careful preparation and project planning will ensure that you receive a successful outcome, minimising any disruption and creating a professional impression at all times.

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