Pothole repair

Our team provides specialist infrared pothole repairs that can quickly make a dangerous road surface safe again with minimal disruption to road users. Our approach provides a durable solution to potholes that restores the integrity of the asphalt and produces a surface that looks as good as new. Unlike cold-applied approaches, infrared repairs provide a lasting solution that ensures each pothole is fully dealt with, helping to avoid future maintenance costs.

Quality products and installation

We’ve invested in specialist infrared equipment so that we can provide highly efficient and effective pothole repairs. The process is simple and straightforward; first, the surrounding asphalt is heated to its original plant temperature. This is then redistributed and new asphalt is added to replace the missing material. We will then roll out the asphalt again to produce a durable, cohesive road surface that is completely free from any visible joints.

Delivering exceptional results

Convenient nationwide coverage

Our team can carry out infrared pothole repairs throughout the UK. If required, we will establish a temporary base of operations when working on projects outside of London and the South East so that we can maintain our high standards. This approach ensures that our team has access to the equipment they require at all times.

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Industry leading expertise

We have extensive hands-on experience with pothole repairs and will be able to quickly deliver a high-quality result for our clients. Our team understands how to produce effective, lasting results using our infrared repair equipment and will make sure that this approach is the right fit for your requirements. Our industry expertise allows us to keep any disruption to a minimum, without compromising on the quality of the finished repairs.

Working closely with clients

We’ll advise you on the right approach for your project. We understand the benefits of infrared repairs and will advise you on whether they are the best possible option for your project. In some circumstances, resurfacing may be a better option.

We’ll take the time to thoroughly understand your requirements. By conducting a site visit beforehand, our team ensures that all our recommendations are accurate and have been tailored to your project’s requirements.

We’ll make sure that your project runs smoothly. We make the most out of the working window we are given, using our extensive project management experience to achieve quality results within a tight turnaround.

What sets Glendining Highways apart?

We have built a reputation in our industry for our expertise, reliability, and the quality of our services. Our experienced team members will achieve the successful outcome you require quickly, professionally, and in a manner that minimises inconvenience.

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Call 01708 688 616 or email admin@glendininghighways.com to discuss your project with our expert team. As an experienced highways contractor, we deliver excellence in specialist surfacing throughout the UK.