Joint Sealing

Glendining provide joint sealing and crack repair services for all types of surface. Effective treatment when a crack appears means that more expensive re-surfacing can be avoided. Glendining can act as lead contractors or sub-contractors and work closely with a number of councils.

Cracks in the road surface are a normal sign of wear and tear but once water enters a void it can cause serious issues. Water freezes and expands in cold weather, causing the road condition to worsen over time. If this damage is left untreated the surface will deteriorate at a quickened pace, making it important to resolve these issues as soon as is practical.

Glendining have skilled staff that deal with cracks and joint sealing on a regular basis. The crack is first blown out to remove loose material and dirt. They then use the correct specialist joint sealer, normally a hot bitumen material that is poured into and screeded over the crack.

The specialist products and skilled repair means that the seal will be flexible under all weather conditions and will be able to withstand heavy traffic loading without deformation. There is excellent adhesion, it will be impervious to water and salt penetration and will have high skid resistant qualities.

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