Joint sealing

Joint sealing provides a fast, cost-effective solution to cracks in the road surface, securing these before they can degrade any further and extending the lifespan of concrete and asphalt road surfaces. As an experienced highways contractor, we are able to complete these repairs effectively and efficiently in order to minimise any disruption to road users.

Quality products and installation

Our team’s high standard of workmanship ensures that all our joint sealing projects produce reliable, lasting results within a tight turnaround. We only use high quality BBA HAPAS approved products to repair joints in concrete and asphalt surfaces, ensuring that any cracks have been addressed effectively. Our approach produces a smart, visually appealing result that fits well within the surrounding environment.

Delivering exceptional results

Convenient nationwide coverage

We offer our joint sealing service throughout the UK, ensuring that clients can access our expertise wherever they happen to be based. If required, we can establish a temporary base of operations for projects outside of London and the South East, ensuring that our team always have access to the equipment and products they require.

Arrange a

Contact our expert team to discuss our services and discover how we can assist with your project. Call 01708 688 616 or complete our contact form.

Industry leading expertise

Our team has successfully completed joint sealing jobs of all sizes, building a comprehensive understanding of the products, techniques, and approaches needed to achieve the best possible result. We understand the advantages of this approach and will be able to advise you on whether it is the right fit for your requirements. We will also complete any preparatory work that may be required, such as thoroughly clearing out any cracks in the road surface, to ensure the ideal result.

Working closely with clients

We’ll advise you on the right product and approach for your project. We understand the benefits of this technique and will advise you on whether it is suitable for your project. For larger cracks or projects where a lasting result is needed, resurfacing may be a better option.

We’ll take the time to thoroughly understand your requirements. Our team will always conduct a site visit beforehand, ensuring that any advice we provide is accurate and has been tailored to your project and its requirements.

We’ll make sure that your project runs smoothly. Our team has extensive project management experience, allowing us to make the most out of our working window. We complete our work efficiently and professionally to achieve a quality result within the shortest possible timeframe.

What sets Glendining Highways apart?

Our expertise, reliability, and quality workmanship are recognised throughout the road surfacing industry. We will take the time to fully understand your requirements, delivering a tailored solution that exceeds your expectations.


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Call 01708 688 616 or email to discuss your project with our expert team. As an experienced highways contractor, we deliver excellence in specialist surfacing throughout the UK.