Imprint surfacing

Finishes such as block paving or cobbles can look extremely attractive in many locations. Despite their aesthetic appeal, however, these materials do have disadvantages. They are time consuming to lay, labour intensive and when compared with other surface treatments they can work out costly.

Glendining Highways makes use of a solution to these traditional problems; a patented surface treatment which can provide the same effects at a lower cost and in a fraction of the time.

Imprint surfacing is a hot-applied resin based solution which is poured on to your existing surface and, as the name suggests, imprinted with a pattern of your choice. This revolutionary material is available in a range of colours and looks great in public spaces as well as private grounds.

Our team can install imprint surfacing quickly and to great effect thanks to the many benefits the system offers. No excavation is required to lay the surface, increasing the environmentally profile of this work, and the nature of the compound means that you will be left with a durable and weed free surface.

Traffic disruption is a problem during any type of surfacing work but thanks to our streamlined installation process we can keep closures to a minimum. The compound used has a short curing time and can be installed at any time of the year, unlike other solutions which are weather-dependant.

There are a huge number of uses for imprint surfaces including in high traffic areas for both pedestrian and motor traffic. Most commonly we see imprint surfacing laid as part of traffic calming, village gateways, urban regeneration programmes, heritage developments and for any stylised surface areas.

Imprint Surfacing has a proven track record in high trafficked areas and conforms to BS 594 and BS EN 13108.

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