Imprint surfacing

Imprint surfacing provides a hardwearing, cost-effective alternative to traditional paving or cobbles that can be delivered in a fraction of the time. Rather than choose the time-consuming installation of these traditional options, thermoplastic imprint surfacing provides a similar finish as well as excellent durability, making it a perfect choice for areas with high foot or road traffic such as crossing points and pathways. Imprint surfacing is also extremely popular as a traffic calming measure within urban regeneration programmes and pedestrianisation schemes.

Quality products and installation

We’ve built a reputation for high quality workmanship. Imprint surfacing is a specialist task that benefits from being installed by experienced professionals in order to secure an appealing result. The Glendining Highways team ensures that only the highest quality thermoplastic screeds are used within our installations, delivering excellent durability and visual appeal whilst conforming to the latest British Standards. We offer a range of colour and finish options to ensure that your imprint surfacing is tailored to your preferred style.

Delivering exceptional results

Convenient nationwide coverage

We manage the specialist installation of thermoplastic imprint surfacing throughout the UK. For jobs outside of London and the South East, our team can establish a temporary base of operations that includes all the equipment your project requires. This allows us to maintain high standards at all times, avoids delays, and minimises inconvenience.

Arrange a

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Industry leading expertise

Imprint surfacing is a specialist option that we have extensive experience with, setting us apart from many other companies in the industry. We understand the advantages and limitations of this approach and will be happy to advise clients on its suitability for their project. We can also complete any preparatory work that may be required, including the provision of a stable and level base prior to installation. Our team has managed a wide range of imprint surfacing schemes and understands exactly how to achieve a quality outcome for our clients.

Working closely with clients

We’ll advise you on the right product and approach for your project. We understand the properties and advantages of imprint surfacing and will help you to understand whether this thermoplastic-based option is the right solution for your project.

We’ll take the time to thoroughly understand your requirements. Our team will always carry out a thorough site visit beforehand, ensuring that any advice we provide is accurate, effective, and has been tailored to your surroundings.

We’ll make sure that your project runs smoothly. Our team has extensive project management experience and understands the importance of thorough preparation. We always make the most of the working window we are given.

What sets Glendining Highways apart?

We have established a longstanding reputation in the road surfacing industry for quality, reliability, and expertise. Our experienced team understands how to exceed client expectations, planning each project effectively to deliver the best possible results within strict deadlines.


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