Coloured road surfacing

Coloured Surfacing is principally used for demarcation on Highways and wherever there is potential safety issue with vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

When speed is the issue and traffic calming is the key, Coloured Surfacing can provide the solution on its own, or in combination with new road markings and traffic calming features.

Coloured Surfacing from for medium to high stress sites utilises the latest red, green, yellow and blue pigments, natural aggregates and thermoplastic and epoxy resin binders.

Glendining Highways has alternative coloured surfacing solutions utilising acrylic and polyurethane binders for low stress sites where economy is the principal requirement, such as coloured supermarket car parks.

Coloured Anti Skid Surfacing utilises pigmented Calcined Bauxites and provides the highest skid resistance with colour enhancement

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