Carriage ironwork

Our specialist carriage ironwork service provides an effective and highly durable means of lifting and adjusting ironwork fixtures such as drains, utility covers, water valves, sluice valves, and gullies. Using a BBA HAPAS approved IronGuard or Pacopatch system, we create a lasting structure that securely holds ironwork in place and stands up to high road and foot traffic. The quality of these systems allows us to offer a five-year guarantee on our carriage ironwork projects.

Quality products and installation

Our expert team have extensive hands-on experience with both IronGuard and Pacopatch, BBA HAPAS approved systems that provide excellent durability when lifting and adjusting carriage ironwork. By using a high-quality, industry recognised product within our ironwork projects, we deliver long-lasting results that minimise the need for maintenance and provide peace of mind that additional costs and disruption can be avoided. This is reflected in the five-year guarantee we offer.

Delivering exceptional results

Convenient nationwide coverage

Our specialist carriage ironwork service is available throughout the UK. We will establish a temporary base of operations for jobs outside of London and the South East where necessary, ensuring that our team has access to all the equipment your project requires. This approach provides maximum convenience for our clients whilst also allowing us to maintain high standards throughout all our projects.

Arrange a

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Industry leading expertise

Our carriage ironwork service is available on a standalone basis or as part of a large road surfacing project. We’ve worked with our chosen products on projects of all types and sizes, developing a thorough understanding of their advantages and limitations. This ensures that we always advise on the best possible approach for your project and can deliver durable, high quality results. Whether we’re working within an existing road surface or a surface that we’re laying ourselves, our team will ensure that all work is completed efficiently, professionally, and to programme.

Working closely with clients

We’ll advise you on the right product and approach for your project. We understand how to achieve the best possible results when adjusting ironwork and will guide you towards the right approach for your project and requirements.

We’ll take the time to thoroughly understand your requirements. We will conduct a thorough site visit to ensure that all our advice and recommendations are accurate and have been effectively tailored to your road surface.

We’ll make sure that your project runs smoothly. We will draw on our extensive project management expertise to ensure that all our work is completed as efficiently as possible. Our team will meet your project deadline, avoiding delays and disruption.

What sets Glendining Highways apart?

We have an established reputation within the road surfacing industry for our expertise, the quality of our services, and the reliability of our team. We exceed client expectations, every single time.


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Call 01708 688 616 or email to discuss your project with our expert team. As an experienced highways contractor, we deliver excellence in specialist surfacing throughout the UK.