Anti Skid Surfacing

Anti Skid can save lives and reduce the risk of serious injuries on all classes of highway. On walkways, footbridges or other pedestrian areas, reducing slip hazards can improve safety. Anti Skid can also reduce the potential for accident and third party claims in the workplace. Anti Skid may also be pigmented.

Glendining Highways is a British Board of Agrement accredited Installer (No 3736) of Anti Skid.. Anti Skid Surfacing is also known as High Friction Surfacing and the British Board of Agrement (BBA) assess products and the performance of BBA Approved Installers.

Anti Skid from Glendining Highways is available from two product groups. Epoxy Resin Anti Skid (two component resins, surface dressed with calcined bauxite aggregate) and Thermoplastic Anti Skid (blended molten resins and calcined bauxite aggregates, hot screed applied).

Calcined Bauxite is an industrially manufactured aggregate which is crushed from Bauxite (an aluminium ore) which is then heat treated to harden it. Predominantly, it is imported from China in Buff of Grey.

Coloured Anti Skid is available where the highest skid resistance is required in combination with surface pigmentation. The best colour performance is achieved when using proprietary Coloured Surfacing.

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