Hot applied anti-skid Pre-heaters

Glendining Anti-Skid pre heater is a thermostatically controlled horizontal boiler available in a single or twin tank format with a capacity of 750 litres.

They are constructed out of 10mm boiler plate with 20mm base plate in order to withstand extremely hard workloads. They also feature the unique Glendining ShaftSealSystem  with sacrificial sleeve and split bearing to allow the seals to be renewed without the shaft being damaged or having to be removed.

There is a choice of heating systems, either diesel fired or gas fired with both systems being thermostatically controlled and fitted with flame safe features.

The hydraulic motors can be driven from a pump mounted to a donkey engine or more favourably from a pump mounted to the lorry engine.

The tanks are fully insulated to reduce heat loss.

All boilers come ready to connect to the customers hydraulic system and complete with:

  • Spool Valve
  • Motors
  • Thermostats
  • Diesel burners

We also supply hydraulic systems , donkey engines and pumps etc.






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