McDonald’s, Boreham Interchange

We were hired to complete this complex line marking project within a single night, making sure that there was minimal disruption for the restaurant’s customers. We worked closely with the client to understand their requirements in full, allowing us to plan and allocate our workload as effectively as possible.

Project scope

This was a large-scale line marking project that was completed in a single night.

Work completed

  • 69 standard parking bays
  • 16 parallel parking bays
  • 4 disabled logos
  • 57 instances of white 1m text
  • 39 instances of yellow 1m text
  • 11 4m arrows
  • 1 6m arrow
  • 1 4m double headed arrow
  • 6 new ramp triangles
  • 4m2 of crossing pads
  • 2 give way triangles
  • 11m of 100mm white line
  • 188m of 100mm yellow line
  • 10m of 200mm yellow line
  • 1 McDonald’s Big M logo


In order to make sure that a project on this scale could be completed successfully within such a tight turnaround, we conducted thorough preparation in advance. This was essential as it allowed us to understand the client’s requirements as well as identify any considerations that needed to be taken into account. Since the McDonald’s needed to stay open throughout the project, all our work had to be carefully coordinated and communicated to any members of the public in order to avoid any disruption or confusion.

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