High friction surfacing, London Borough of Bexley

We were hired to complete three high friction surfacing projects within the same borough, carrying out three complex road closures and diversions over the course of three nights. We laid a hot-applied solution over newly installed crossing points and junctions at Yarnton Way, Gravel Hill, and Danson Road.

Project scope

This set of three high friction surfacing projects was completed over three nights.


We accounted for several challenges during these projects. The client instructed us that all work should be completed at night within a strict six-and-a-half-hour window, minimising disruption within such heavily trafficked and pedestrianised areas. As we had previously worked at all three of these sites, we had an accurate understanding of how long the work would take and were able to provide nearby residents with a detailed explanatory letter in advance, helping to minimise their potential frustration.

In order to ensure that we could then follow through on our plans, thorough preparatory work was required. We closely monitored the weather for three days prior to the projects, allowing us to fine tune our plans for traffic management. This was essential as delays caused by poor weather can cause the cost and impact of road closures to increase dramatically. By ensuring that our chosen programme of work was accurate, we were able to complete all three sites without a hitch, avoiding inconvenience for residents, road users, and the borough.

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