Emergency Refuge Areas, M1 junctions 10-13

We were hired to lay high friction surfacing within the emergency refuge area bays on this site, working to the specification that was provided by Highways England. Our team laid an MMA resin that was dressed with BUFF bauxite. Once this resin had cured, any loose aggregate was swept away and the surface was coated with an MMA orange paint. Each of the bays then had to be lined with thermoplastic road markings.

Project scope

This was a high friction surfacing project with additional thermoplastic road markings.
Both processes were completed over 30 nights.


The client was keen to get this project completed quickly, making it essential that we adapted our working practices to be as efficient as possible. Unfortunately, as it was extremely wet throughout the project, each bay needed to be prepared using a large jet engine drying machine so that the resin could cure properly. This additional process had to be accounted for when planning our team’s workload to ensure that we could make consistent progress and make the most of the tight working windows we were given. Each bay was approximately 300m2 and, in some cases, there were only four available working hours per night.

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