Belvedere Bridge

We were hired to renovate this bridge over a railway track, ensuring that the steps and walking platform would be safe until a major overhaul could be programmed at a later date. This involved removing all the existing loose anti-slip material that had been laid long ago, addressing the rust that had developed throughout the bridge with a Rust-Oleum 9196 solution, and applying a new epoxy resin surface with calcined bauxite aggregate that could provide the necessary grip for safe foot traffic.

Project scope

This was a pedestrian safety project that was completed over seven nights.


As this bridge will require a substantial overhaul, we needed to provide a temporary solution that didn’t incur unnecessary costs for the client. To achieve this, we drew on our previous experience to assess the issues and guide the client towards effective solutions. Rather than invest in hiring a shot blaster to address the rust problem, we proposed an approach that would allow us to work with the rust in place. Similarly, we suggested an anti-slip surface that could work on top of an uneven base, cutting down on unnecessary preparatory work.

We also worked on this project at night so that we could avoid closing the bridge during periods with heavy pedestrian traffic. This minimised any inconvenience and ensured that the team had clear working windows to progress within.

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