Battery Hill

We were hired to replace all the ironwork on site, removing any raised fixtures and installing them at the correct height. This was part of a large resurfacing project carried out by another contractor, requiring us to work according to their schedule within the moving road closure that was in place. Falling behind would have interfered with the project timeline and rendered the advertised road block dates null and void, causing issues for the local authority.

Project scope

This was a carriage ironwork project that was completed over two weeks.


We adapted to several challenges during this project. To ensure that our workload was programmed accurately and effectively we identified all the ironworks in advance and prepared a preliminary schedule so that the team worked to daily targets. However, drawing on our experience, we also factored in some additional time as ironwork projects can often be subject to changes. Some issues may only be revealed once the ironwork is uncovered.

We also needed to account for poor weather and the impact that rain would have on project delivery. We supplied our teams with portable shelters and an assortment of sandbags, allowing them to continue working while under cover and, in the case of heavy rain, divert flowing water away from where we were digging. Not only would this have slowed progress by filling the holes with water, it could also have compromised the installation of the IronGuard system we used.

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