Alperton Train Station

We were hired to design and install imprint surfacing, working closely with the client to ensure that the chosen design and colour was tailored to their preferences. As part of this process, our team prepared a suitable base, installed 100mm x 100mm crossing studs, and laid 15mm of thermoplastic surfacing. The client’s chosen design was then imprinted onto the surface to create their desired final appearance.

Project scope

This was an imprint surfacing project that was completed over five nights.


We encountered several challenges during this project. As part of the site for the new surfacing was privately owned, the client wanted there to be some form of delineation built in to distinguish between the owners. When inspecting the site ahead of the work, we noticed that the surrounding paving slabs had been laid in different directions and that we could use this to our advantage. As a result, we proposed a design that reflected this feature, allowing us to create a natural, unobtrusive line within the new imprint pattern. We also needed to recreate the colour of the existing surroundings.

Our work also had to be programmed particularly carefully to account for the fact that the site was a busy train station and for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As we felt a responsibility to the general public and were committed to following the government’s safety guidelines, we completed this project at night and only worked from 20:00 onwards. This allowed us to maintain social distancing and avoid the commuter traffic. Our team travelled to the site in separate vehicles and additional time was planned into the project timeline in case distancing resulted in slower progress.

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