A303, Stonehenge

We were hired to replace all the gullies within a specific section of the A303 that passes by Stonehenge. The client needed us to work alongside their existing surfacing contractor and to follow their schedule to ensure that the work was completed by the target date. As the client required a reliable replacement that would require minimal maintenance, we used the IronGuard system during installation to provide peace of mind that the new gullies wouldn’t dislodge or loosen within the next five years.

Project scope

This was a carriage ironwork project that was completed over four nights.


There were several challenges associated with this project. Firstly, we needed to reallocate two of our crews from a different project and programme in this new work, making sure that we had access to all the equipment and resources we needed. This process was managed by our experienced programmer, Emma, who ensured that everything was in place despite working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Secondly, we had to address the logistical issues that arose while planning a project from a distance during the pandemic. Key among these was the difficulty obtaining accommodation for our team as long, six-week lead times ruled out mobile accommodation. However, we were able to overcome this challenge and find local accommodation due to our status as key workers, ensuring that the project could progress according to schedule.

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