Monaco F1 Grand Prix Circuit
Monaco F1 Grand Prix Track

F1 is one of the most prestigious sports on the planet, with millions of viewers worldwide. The best-known track on the calendar is the Circuit de Monaco where a Grand Prix has been held since 1929. Glendining Highways are extremely proud to have provided a section of anti-skid surfacing on the world famous track, helping to ensure that all drivers using the course were safe.

In April 2012 we were approached by Colas, the main contractor for the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, who had some safety concerns leading up to the race, due to take place less than a month later. After some remote consultation two of our staff travelled to Monte Carlo with one of our specialist anti-skid surfacing trucks and met up with Colas representatives to finalise the plans for the work. In a single day we laid 1500m2 of epoxy resin high friction surfacing on the section of track just after the iconic tunnel section, leading up to the famous chicane. This corner is one of the most dangerous in Formula 1 history but since laying the anti-skid surfacing there have been no major accidents.