Health and

We are an experienced, professional highways contractor that puts safety first. We ensure that all our projects are managed effectively and carried out in accordance with the latest, most rigorous safety standards. Our safety conscious approach guarantees that our clients can have complete peace of mind when working with us.

Equipping our employees

No matter the size or complexity of your project, our team will arrive prepared. We provide our employees with a full range of personal protective equipment so that they can carry out their work safely. As standard, we implement a five-point PPE system on every project that covers a hard hat, high visibility clothing, work boots, safety goggles, and gloves. This ensures that our clients know we’re ready to carry out our work professionally and responsibly from the moment we arrive on site.


Investing in our team

We value our employees and are committed to enhancing their knowledge and expertise. By investing in regular training, we ensure that each member of our team receives the professional support they require. These opportunities allow us to pursue new skills and stay on top of industry developments, whilst also ensuring that our team work safely and responsibly at all times. Every member of our team is fully trained in the areas they work within.

Arrange a

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Taking responsibility
for safety

We play an active role in managing health and safety, conducting regular toolbox talks with our team members and providing detailed site-specific risk assessments for each project we take on. We understand the importance of safety within our industry, taking a proactive approach that ensures that we always remain up to date with the latest developments. After all, no one gets in trouble for knowing too much.

Working with professionals

We’ve built a longstanding relationship with an external health and safety consultant to support all our efforts in this area. This ensures that we have access to qualified advice on demand, allows us to check that we’re doing everything we possibly can to look after our team, and guarantees that our working practices are in line with the latest industry safety regulations and guidelines.

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