About us

Based in Essex, Glendining Highways has been operating for more than 75 years.

We regularly work on large scale surfacing contracts in the UK and Europe, providing a variety of services including anti skid surfacing, road marking and coloured surfacing. Our combined and varied experience allows us to work on jobs on varying sizes, from small scale projects for individuals to large local authority projects with complex requirements.

Our expertise also allows us to advise on best practices for demarcation and road safety, using the latest road marking and traffic calming features to provide the end-user with the best possible experience. We work with a mixture of materials including epoxy resin and thermoplastic binders with calcined bauxites in natural or pigmented finishes, ideal for sites with high levels of traffic. We also work with alternative coloured surfacing solutions using acrylic and polyurethane binders, perfect for low-stress sites such as supermarket car parks.

All of our projects are completed to an extremely high standard and because of this we are a British Board of Agrement Approved Installer of BBA registered Anti Skid Surfacing products (Installer No. 3736) and additionally we are approved installers for the Highways Agency, the Scottish Executive and the Welsh Assembly Government.

As well as our comprehensive highway marking business we also operate a road marking equipment hire business, including the hire of traffic management vehicles such as road marking lorries, as well as a specialist driveway company, Glendining Driveways, covering the whole of the UK.

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